Who is EU-Nursing?

EU-Nursing is a brand name of a well established and responsible employer in the German healthcare field. Our extensive international experience in the search for qualified healthcare professionals will enable you to achieve your goals in Germany and other German-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Austria. A large number of hospitals, elderly care homes, and other healthcare institutions trust us with their recruiting business.
As a family business with a long running tradition, we value the great responsibility we have for our, often young, healthcare professionals from abroad. We guarantee to apply all of our experience and expertise as well as our devotion to making your migration to the german healthcare market a sweeping success. We are committed to your integration into the german society and your general well-being.
We are well aware that the decision to move abroad and start a new life in a foreign country is probably one of the biggest decisions for individuals to make and we will support you all along your way to becoming a happy healthcare professional in Germany.

We are ensuring that you know exactly what to expect and our open communication with you will assure that you will never regret your decision

We profit from an international team with many years experience that will serve you well, at home and then abroad

Needless to say, EU-Nursing and all our employer partner corporations abide by all relevant labor laws in the Federal Republic of Germany. Qualified, international recruitment is an endeavor which is built on trust. We trust you and will, therefore, invest in your future today.





What we have to offer

We provide a full-service package for your convenience that will provide a hassle-free start in Germany and allow you to concentrate on your personal integration into the new job and society as a whole.

We take care of all the red-tape involved with your migration.

We provide you with a full-service package that will allow for a seamless and hassle-free start in your new job and your new life in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

We will find an attractive employer with a good remuneration package for you. Our employers are among the most prestigious healthcare institutions in the country and we assure you, one of these is a perfect fit for you! In the meantime, we provide for the acknowledgment of your nursing degree by the relevant government body. This is imperative in order to work as a qualified nurse in Germany

Your employer of choice

  • Elderly Care Centres

  • Elderly Care Homes

  • Hospitals

  • Medical Centres

What we provide you with

  • Financial support for your german language training

  • Translation of all relevant documents

  • Migration to Germany

  • Costs of special training for interviews and mandatory courses you might require

  • Organization of employment interviews

  • Negotiation of working conditions on your behalf

  • Support in finding your new home

Of course, you may stay in Germany after our contract has been fulfilled. We will continue to support you in finding a new employer or a new home in case you require this. Maybe you will even join our ranks of highly trained and qualified nurses that work all over the country and are extremely well paid

Das könnte schon bald ihre erste Wohnung in Deutschland sein.

We know very well how crucial a comfortable home is when you are settling-in in a new city or even a foreign country. We, therefore, present you with an example of our homes that we will provide. It has all the required facilities and is waiting for you to move in

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Who we are looking for

If you are a highly motivated and young care-professional with a well-founded nursing education in your home country, preferably with work experience, you are highly welcome to apply. We need you to commit yourself to work for our clients, for the minimum duration of two years following your migration to Germany. You will work only as a qualified nurse, always. That is a promise none of our competitors can make!
  • You are a swift adapter and seek new challenges
  • You are prepared to commit yourself to working for our clients for at least two years
  • You are an eager learner and a team-player
  • If all this applies to you don't hesitate to contact us so we can answer all your questions you might have. Let's begin to plan your life in Europe!

German language training can be fun! Study in one of our partner schools in a good atmosphere together with other nurses of your home country

Key to success in Germany is your grasp of the language. The doctors you will work with, as well as your nursing colleagues, speak German. Although you are already highly qualified in your field you will have to go the extra mile to master the German language before you can work in any qualified job here. We are here to help! Enter our program and you will make it!

we will prepare you with training and guide you along the way


Step 1

Contact us

Contact our local representatiev in your home country:

+49 364 325 750 06 He/she will discuss everything with you and evaluate, whether you should formally apply for the programme.

Step 2

Working documents

Provide us with vital documenst to get you certified to work as a nurse in Germany. We will need your exams, certificates, syllabus as well as your CV, of course.


Step 3

Language Training

Engage in the language training provided by us. Already get acquainted with other nurses in the program and maybe make some new friends.


step 4


Conduct interviews with employers, apply for Visa and arrive in Germany where you will be picked up by our representatives along with others in your group.

If you wish, you may send your documents directly to our head office in Weimar, Germany:


GmbH & Co. KG

Pabststraße 1a

99423 Weimar



Hundreds of european and non-european nurses have talen the plunge with us so far. Here's just a few:


Take your future into your own hands now! If you have any questions, we are glad to help. Your primary contact should be your local agent in your home country. If there is none yet, our head office in Germany will be glad to assist you. We accept applications from anywhere around the globe! Shape your future in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria with EU-Nursing now.

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